Installation Guide

To install TAPAAL unpack the files.

If your UPPAAL installation is located in a nonstandard location you will have to point TAPAAL to the location of the file verifyta which is contained in the UPPAAL distribution. Remember that one has to install the newest development version of UPPAAL in order to run the tool.

On Linux/Unix systems use: export verifyta=/path/to/uppaal/bin-Linux/verifyta, or add verifyta to your PATH.

On Windows use: set verifyta=c:\\path\to\uppaal\bin-Win32\verifyta.exe or modify the file tapaal.bat to point to the location of the file verifyta.

On Mac OS X: when you unpack UPPAAL, drag verifyta into the application folder (and you can drag there uppaal too); then the Mac OS X TAPAAL application should run without any need to configure the path to verifyta.

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