IDE / IntelliJ IDEA

Please feel free to use the IDE or editor of your choice to develop TAPAAL. Please be careful not to include any project or configuration files to VCS, feel free to add files to .bzrignore.

The TAPAAL development team encourages to use JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA. The IDE can be freely downloaded on

To setup IntelliJ for TAPAAL development:

  • Check out the source from VCS
  • Start IntelliJ and select “Import Project”
  • Navigate to the source location, and select OK
  • Select “Import project from external model” and select “Gradle” (will be the default“), press next
  • Select “Use auto-import” and “Use default gradle wrapper (recommended)
  • Select Finish

To run TAPAAL from IntelliJ select the Gradle tab (normally in the right pane), and click on application - run.

From now on you can run and debug using the play/debug button in the tool menu.

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